Be Safe
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Be Safe

Be Safe

I started a new movement – I AM SAFE. I want you to join me.

Have you thought about how prevention isn’t better then cure, but it IS the cure?

The choices you make today, will affect your life tomorrow. In health there’s no side effects. It’s all an effect. In science you learn, “cause and effect”, not “cause, effect and side effect”.

In the current health climate, as a wellness professional, I prefer to talk about the strength of the host, not the strength of the virus. What if no matter what came your way, you were able to overcome it? I say this because we are designed to heal but only if you give your body the right environment. I talk a lot about this in my latest book, Connected, a Paradigm Shift in How We View Health.

When we take drugs and medication, it destroys our gut health and impacts our nervous system health. It blocks micro nutrition absorption. Most of us have a leaky gut syndrome and we don’t even realise it. The tissue or lining of the gut is destroyed and only collagen can repair that, which is why bone broth is so medicinal. The collagen that comes out of the bones, repairs the tissue.

Your health is compromised  because you’re reaching for a pill for every problem far too often. And here’s my disclaimer: See your health practitioners of choice to help you live a better quality of life naturally. This should be the ultimate goal for you: to eventually get you off medications, if you’re taking any. It should be their goal for you too.

Which leads me to this. How often are women taking the OCP (oral contraceptive pill) and not realizing the effect or impact on their fertility and overall health? What about the morning after pill? Too often, women have not been the ones to carry protection and so in the heat of the moment, if the man doesn’t have it, she will risk it. This is normal social culture and I want to change perception around it. What are you even doing without thinking?

In this moment, the woman is now fully responsible for not feeling safe in her body during this intimate act.

And then there’s something called “stealthing”, where the man will remove the protection without his partner knowing or realizing, mid acts. The non consensual removal is assault. Some have called it rape. In some parts of America it’s now illegal. It’s a crime.

In Australia, Opposition Leader Elizabeth Lee is set time pass a Bill to criminalise stealthing, to be considered in ACT.

“Stealthing is an appalling thing to do to any woman; any man; any person,” Ms Lee said.

“It completely erodes the trust that a person can put in someone during the most vulnerable of moments.

Can you start to take more control over these life changing moments? My aim is to get you thinking about things that are done without thought.

You know it’s a serious issue when 67% of Australians don’t use protection.

Let’s remove the stigma around women buying and suggesting the use of protection.

In the #IAMSAFE campaign, I cast a group of empowered women and men from all backgrounds and ages to take charge or their health and decisions around intimacy.

They’re joining me in a moments movement to make it normal to use protection like condoms because it’s drug free and I’m all about that!

Click here to watch our video and join us too!