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Andi comes with 30 years of experience and credibility as an author, presenter and content creator.

Feel proud to have Australia’s leading Wellness Expert represent your brand, event or company on stage, or in video format.

With a production team, Andi personally writes and delivers tailor-made marketing, in video packages, blogs and social media bundles to help your business reach the right people.

Andi knows wellness like no other. Hire her as your spokesperson to tailor create a marketing strategy.

Clients include Bionik Wellness, Holden, Telstra, Well Aware, Yootropics, Vital Planet, Moments Condoms, Honest Gum and Vibrant Health.

Sell & Tell Your Brand’s Story 

Berry Fresh & Slim Secrets
Granvue Homes
Bionik Wellness Clinic
I am Safe Campaign
Modi Apples