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A healthy body looks different on everyone.

1hr of Wellness



As a certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, Andi Lew will teach you how to empower yourself with finding new ways to live a better quality of life, naturally. In just one hour, you will be coached through your calling, fine tune your work / life balance, discover how to assimilate nutrition or find new ways to satiate and feel more well with food, work around intolerances, learn new recipes, and create healthy relationships., including the one within yourself.

Presenter Coaching



In one power hour, learn from Andi’s 30 years experience of TV, Radio and live stage presenting. Discover your USP (unique selling point), and be able to sell and tell your story by delivering it to camera, podcasts, on stage or social media platforms without scripts. Become more engaging with your audience and perfect your presenting.

Dating Apps Coaching



There are a myriad of ways to connect with new people and meet your potential partner, but the variety of dating apps are not only broad, they also keep changing. Andi Lew wrote #instalovers – a digital dating book that helps you have better connections with others on line, and now she offers coaching to show you how to set up your profile better, turn texts into dates and be safe. You will re-learn the art of flirting, but this time, on line and enjoy the journey of courting respectfully.