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A healthy body looks different on everyone.

6 weeks to wellness



Why have a wellness coach?


The ‘Food, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness coach’ certification has Andi trained in being able to help people to live a life full of passion and purpose.


With Andi’s expertise, you can set incremental, achievable goals with certainty and compassion to create a greater sense of overall wellness. This personal guidance can focus on areas of health such as fitness, relationships, work / life balance, nutrition, cooking and meal preparation, ergonomics, sleep and even self-love, finding your purpose, inspired destiny or create wellness in business.


The coaching combines knowledge of nutrition, psychology, self-management, ergonomics and your own intuition in order to improve your quality of life by addressing numerous different areas.


Andi has been promoting healthy, natural living for her whole life, and takes a holistic approach to health coaching in Australia. She continually finds new ways to promote wholesome living, and offers a variety of services including healthy cooking classes.


To find out more about Andi Lew’s variety of products and services along with the latest news from the industry, browse online or sign up for the e-newsletter today.


“There are always challenges with starting anything. Things will go wrong. Once I had my ‘Eat Fat Be Lean’ book arrive hours before I was due on a plane to appear on ‘The Today Show’ in Sydney and it arrived with the internals printed in black and white, not colour! I was devastated.



Luckily we arranged another print run and the show hosts held up only the cover.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle what happens to you.

Be sure to do what you love, so when things go wrong, you don’t give up.

I call this finding your “why?” Some refer to it as purpose. It’s a reason for doing something that’s greater than yourself. Let me help you to find more love, peace and balance in your personal and professional life.”


3 x one on one, one hour sessions via Skype / FaceTime or in person

3 x follow up half hour calls