Explant Coaching
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Explant Coaching

Are you looking to have your breast implants removed or have you already explanted? Having gone through the experience herself in Feb 2023, Andi is able to guide you firsthand on how to turn your Explant experience into an empowering one.





If you feel that you are suffering breast implant illness or a potential rupture in your implant, your sessions will cover everything you need to know from how to find a right surgeon, how to get financial support or access funds, finding the right emotional and physical support, accessing the best nutrition and health practitioners and pre-and post surgery planning, and preparation, as well as detox protocols.

Book here for your first one on one session with Andi. You may choose between 1-6 calls but we usually recommend 6 x weekly calls whilst you’re going through an explant / complete capsulectomy or en bloc procedure.