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Lifestyle & Wellness Expert, TV Host & Best Selling Author

I often get told I look 15 years younger. Wellness is my life and with 30 years of professional experience teaching, researching and hosting live TV & Radio, combined with life dedication to optimal health, you get quite an engaging storyteller.

We heal through stories. Half the healing is in the hearing. To feel is to heal.

I’m a certified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach. This is your safe space to evolve by releasing, rejuvenating and finally revitalize!

I research the latest information in natural health care and created ‘Well to Do’ podcast so you can be abundant & learn what others do, to create an empowered life.

Got a wellness brand, business or event? I communicate to the wellness audience like no other. I know the market well. Pun intended! I custom create content that shares your true vision and essence.

With 9 books we press toured across Australia and America, I decided to accept the 01 / extraordinary talent visa to live in the U.S, after reaching capacity of  impact when I owned and ran a Wellness Clinic for 13 years, in Melbourne, Australia.

My Nutritional Cooking School Classes are for those who want to learn how to nourish well or are dealing with a food intolerance. On line or ‘in person’ sessions, or group nutritional seminars in Beverly Hills, are how you can join me in your home or workplace.

Now are you ready for vitality and optimal health? Do you want better relationships, starting with the one within yourself?

Let’s make this happen!

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