Busted. I removed my breast implants! 
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Busted. I removed my breast implants! 

Removed by breast implants

Busted. I removed my breast implants! 

I recently took my health to another level by removing a major inflammatory driver: my breast implants!

I get it! Why on earth would a wellness person put somethings so toxic in her body in the first place? It took me a while to forgive myself, but I’m so glad that I have done the deep healing for the past year in preparation for this, and I feel so much better.

Watch this video which is going to help you to understand.

removed my breast implants

It’s an extract from my new podcast Well to Do! We are now up to 13 episodes and you can binge watch them on YouTube here: https://youtube.com/@AndiLew1

removed my breast implants

Or, you can listen to my podcast on Spotify, Apple, and wherever you get your podcasts from.

I spoke to my diagnosing doctor, Dr. Tania Ash, who is an expert in breast, implant illness and mast cell activation syndrome. We appeared on the Today show in Sydney to explain new data around the implants, being the inflammatory driver for all the illnesses and creating the immune cells, the mast cells, to start attacking themselves. Removing this toxic load from my body, allowed me to start expressing my optimal health again.

I’m not the only one removing them. Lots of women are starting to wake up to this ticking time bomb and feeling so much better too.

I was literally in survival mode and now I’m back to thriving and I want the same for you!

Check out episode 12 of my podcast Well to Do , and learn about the new type of surgery which removes the scar tissue as well as the implant bag.


Please stay in touch with me on info@andilew.com. If you feel like you need to be supported, advised and coached with your Explant journey.

We will cover everything from what type of surgery you’ll need, how to find the right surgeon for you, how to prepare for your Explant financially, physically and right through to the detox protocols post operation. You’ll have my support and support of other Explant warriors too.

In optimal health always,

Andi Lew