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Have you ever wondered how thoughts become things? How can a thought create an ulcer in the stomach? How can thoughts remove some cancers?

Why does stress and negative thinking age us?

Over the coming months, I’m going to bring new information to you about certain foods, thoughts and specific nutrition that helps anti-ageing. My new elective on Superfoods that I’m studying, has me more than inspired.

It was my birthday this week and I was told my age of 42 has inspired you. You want to know how you can have vitality too. I’m excited to share the ‘secrets’ to slowing down ageing naturally through 3 key things:

– nutrition, thoughts and chiropractic.

The works of Dr Bruce Lipton on epigenetics and chiropractic, are phenomenal and I’ve written about this in my first book: ‘7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You’, which is a ‘must-read’.

However, Deepak Chopra also speaks of repairing the body through the mind. The two, when applied together, are powerful.

Deepak says ‘The mind and emotions directly affect gene activity, and since the mind is a source of a person’s lifestyle and behaviour, it directs one’s biological transformations. Self awareness holds the key to this process of self-transformation. Consciousness is invisibly reaching into the biochemistry of every moment of life. In your body as in every cell, regulation is holistic, self generated, self organizing and self directed in concert with consciousness.”

When we change our signals from brain to body, we change our DNA expression. We may always have a genetic pre-disposition to certain illness but Dr Lipton explains how when we change the signal from brain to body, we can change the likelihood of that illness from ever expressing itself. You see, disease can only be created in what I call the right or ‘wrong’ environment.
If we think the same thoughts, eat the same foods or do the same things as our family members, we get the same illness.

Chiropractic restores healthier nerve signals and coupled with a balanced mind set, optimum nutrition to combat free radicals and oxidative stress with superfoods and antioxidants, we are slowing down the ageing process. Dr Lipton’s research has found that when we change the signal and include chiropractic care, we stop genetic illness by the third generation. That means that if you have chiropractic care and your child does too, by the time they have a child, they won’t be pre-dispositioned to any genetic disease. Wow!

Every cell has it’s own intelligence. Some research in the 80’s found placebo too, can be as affective as a form of pain relief as chemical analgesics. In other words, our thoughts initiate an actual chemical and physiological change in our bodies. I was able to experience this through natural, drug free childbirth. My body created all the chemicals I needed to help me get the natural analgesia and oxytocin (love hormone) I needed. Oh, and mind you, I was having chiropractic adjustments during labour too, to maximise optimal expression of healthy function.

The beauty of chiropractic is that when babies are being adjusted and having their nerve systems balanced, they have no idea what’s happening and they get well. So it’s so powerful to know and I’ve watched in a practice I owned for 13 years, that chiropractic can improve function and expression of our bodies. Even if we tried to be negative or sceptical, it still works to improve our health! By changing our physiology, we change our chemistry and in turn, our mindset. Show me a depressed person with brilliant posture! You can’t. Defense posture, like a boxer occurs as a result of chemical, physical and emotional stressors which impact our nervous system. There are a wave of new wellness chiropractors now who are able to change postural imbalances that may have been set in for years that you don’t even know you have until they read your low-dose X-ray! Just ask me to help you find a good chiropractor in your area and I’ll be happy to refer you to one!

Deepak Chopra continues to say, “Our basic attitude should be a reliance on the intelligence that is innate in every cell. Instead of seeing the body as a machine that, like a new car, must deteriorate over time, we need to see it as a system that learns, adapts and improves over time.”

Since we are creating new cells every second of every day, the quality of our cells can be healthier through our thoughts, taking care of the human frame (the spinal structure, with chiropractic check ups, which protects out nerve systems) and through quality nutrition and avoidance of oxidative stress like drugs, alcohol, pesticides, radiation, stress and even trans fats! If you want to learn more about fats, go to my best seller: Eat Fat Be Lean!

But wait! More on cells. Did you know that your nervous system is the master controller of every cell, tissue and organ in the body? So when chiropractors restore nerve system health, the cells get a healthier signal from the brain.

This is how regeneration can occur. Whilst yes, there are limitations of matter, we can only increase our wellness and body’s adaptation to the stressors in our lifestyle through the above.

The key is balance. And yes, while this is a highly overused phrase, stopping to understand what this means is huge. It allows us to have the freedom to be human, to stuff up now and again and as long as we keep coming back to balance, we are highly adaptable beings.

Making a healthy change can be overwhelming, but knowing you can take it slowly and still get results when you go off track is reassuring right?

So what can you start to include in your life today that help you come back to balance?
Just adding one new thing will improve your Wellbeing, I promise.

With love and respect,