Want to look 10 years younger?
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Want to look 10 years younger?

Want to look 10 years younger?

imageFor those of you who know me or have followed me, you pretty much got the idea that as a naturalist, I would not succumb to botox.
I do not judge those who do use cosmetic treatment though for anti-ageing purposes. We are all different and beautifully unique in our choices.
I want you to know though, the real reason why I chose to say “No to ‘Bo’!”

Botox is actually paralysis of muscles. It’s pretty much that simple. As a qualified chiropractic assistant, I am all for educating people about the benefits of taking pressure off the nerves so they can send a healthier signal to the muscles. Why on earth would I want to paralyse them?
Your body has to deal with the invasive toxin and interference to the body and the long term ramifications of the use of fillers and these injections haven’t yet been revealed and it may in fact, over time cause a speed-up of the anti-ageing process once you eventually stop.

So what are we meant to do in this airbrushed, perfect world we live in? What are the alternatives? And if you are making a health choice to say ‘no’ too, how can you still be a little vain and slow down the ageing process naturally?

I get gawked at and many jaws have dropped when I have revealed my age of the big ‘four, oh’. “You are not!?” they’ve exclaimed. Most have thought I am ten years younger.
There ARE alternatives and they really do work.

Have wellness chiropractic care
New research has shown through something called epi-genetics, that if you have chiropractic care regularly for wellness that the signal from the brain to the rest of the body is much clearer and therefore we can change DNA structure. Google Dr Bruce Lipton and his findings on health and healing.
I have been getting regularly checked and adjusted for 15 years and I have more vitality than before I started chiropractic care.

Drink loads of nature’s tears –
Rain or water as we know it is one of the most anti-ageing things we need on top of a good working nerve system. We all know we need to hydrate – but drink 2-3 litres of filtered water daily make sure it is not from a plastic bottle. Glass or steel is best, or if you must BPA free plastic is ok too.

Food is Medicine –
Use food to help nourish you and your skin. Eat foods as close to nature as possible. Eat organic where possible to avoid ingesting pesticides. Fresh is best. The more alive the food is, the more ‘life’ it gives. Eat lots of fats – good fats and oils of course. No trans fats!

Use personal hygiene products and make-up from of carcinogens –
Get rid of your make-up that’s full of chemicals like titanium dioxide and parabens. The best make-up to use is Adorn Mineral Make-up. It is truly safe and is the most supreme make-up I have found that actually covers you and makes you glow! Remember; your skin is a carrier, not a barrier.

Consume Marine Collagen –
Proplenish is a natural marine collagen that tastes like nothing and you can ingest the good stuff to replace the natural collagen we start to lose in our mid twenties. I put two sachets on my water, daily and in just weeks, not only has my skin started glowing again, but my nails are not as weak too. You can also mix it with food or hot drinks.

Have facial acupuncture –
Yes, there really is a botox type acupuncture that helps defy ageing. The Pagoda Tree in Albert Park, Melbourne does this and it’s on my wish list, next to try! There’ll be no stopping me then!

So, you see, you can have good skin and look younger, without the ‘tox’! In fact, your body will love you for the above and naturally start to DE-tox!

The cleaner you are on the inside, the more you will glow on the outside.
There’s merit in the saying; “Beauty comes from within.”

To win a box of Proplenish sachets – email me and tell me your best anti-ageing tip! andi_lew@yahoo.com

It’s valued at $49 – to you – FREE! Winner announced Friday!