Wait a minute, I’m having a moment!
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Wait a minute, I’m having a moment!

Wait a minute, I’m having a moment!

“Wait a minute, I’m having a moment!”

It just dawned on me, that every thing that went wrong was actually steering me to all things right. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was right for me, and what I needed. Have you ever felt this too?

I’ve been writing my 7th book ever since I started writing my 6th. I never had the courage to release it. The timing wasn’t quite right. It was also at a time when there was a stigma associated with social media DM messaging or dating app tinkering.

Now, it’s just how we connect. It’s not the be all and end all of flirting or dating, but it’s certainly another way!

I take life very seriously sometimes. I’m deep. I have a yearning for creating more connectedness to myself, our reason for being on this earth and more connectedness to each other. I teach this in my books, my every day dealings in community, in parenting, my coaching and I put this in practice. It’s easy to disconnect with drugs, shopping addiction, meaningless sex, ‘cry-it-out’ methods in parenting or to your own body by masking symptoms with medication to block out feelings.

I’ve always strived to feel more. To feel is to heal. And to feel is to grow.

So, lots of things took a turn for the worse and in the darkness I decided what we all needed was some light, love and laughter!

This is why I created #instalovers for some fun and owned my obsession with love and loving. I’m on my Cupid Crusade and I couldn’t be happier with my purpose-filled alignment. I’m reconnecting married couples, helping singles find love or teaching how being on #teamsingle can actually be most fulfilling.

We are in an era though where we are choosing to have a #hookup whilst we wait for ‘the one’! We are humans. We like sex. So when you decide you want to let someone into your sacred space; let’s be safe. Make sure you’re protected and prepared.

So in the heat of a moment one day as I was driving to my book distributor to pick up all the previous titles from the warehouse and make room for the new; I decided have a call with the team at Moments Condoms.

They share the same vision as me in that they’re empowering women to #takecharge and #knowyourworth and that’s what I want for you!

You’ll have fun with play when you receive your own cute tin box of 3 pack vegan Moments Condoms to keep in your bedside drawers or handbag. They’re generously supplying you with a sample when you pick up my latest book from my website.

I feel so lucky to have a team of people sharing a profound moment with me that continues to empower you.

Click here to pre-order your copy!

With love and respect,

Andi Lew