Save Hugh Jackman. Sunscreen isn't.
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Save Hugh Jackman. Sunscreen isn’t.

Save Hugh Jackman. Sunscreen isn’t.

imageTragically, Hugh has been diagnosed with Cancer for a second time. This pains my heart because true survivors will usually survive, when they’ve radically changed their lifestyle.
The worst advice he could have been given, is to wear more sunscreen.

Please note:
– Wearing sunscreen blocks VIT D creation which is the crucial nutrient to actually prevent many diseases.
– Sunscreen contains many carcinogenic chemicals that seep into the pores and are ironically toxic, possibly causing the cancer itself, because it creates an acidic environment due to the toxicity.

One of the leading dermatologists and scientists in the United States, Dr. Kenneth Nelder, has proven the sun does not cause skin cancer. His research found what causes skin cancer is not eating enough immune boosting fruit and vegetables and also putting products onto the skin that are known to cause cancer.

Please be inspired to start eating well and detox from any carcinogens found in all personal hygiene products, pesticides, medication and start addressing the cause, not the symptoms of why you’re unwell.

More information on how to truly be well in my first book, co-written with Dr Warren Sipser – 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You.