Raw & Real
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Raw & Real

Raw & Real


What the actual? I’ve found the most amazing protein powder and supplement company and I’m going cray-cray over it! Remember one word – RAW! It’s by the company Amazonia. Everything ‘Real Fit Food’ is about, is what Raw stands for and I am gobsmacked by the two new products that will help you all get shredded, toned and stay slim.

1. Raw Sugar Crave Release spray
2. Raw Slim and Tone Protein powder

These are must-haves for everyone needing to slim down over Summer. Silly season is over and you want inspiration? Well, here it is! There’s nothing else like this around and I am so proud to announce Raw and Amazonia as the new partners of Real Fit Food by Andi Lew (TM).

The Raw Sugar Crave Release spray is full of all natural potent herbs, flowers, leaves and seeds. There’s nothing artificial about it.
How it works: It helps target excessive bad digestive bacteria in your digestive tract. Naturopaths and Doctors love it and so do I!

The Raw Slim and Tone Protein Powder is vanilla and cinnamon flavoured. It’s nutrient dense, which is what I’m all about. Therefore it satiates you on a nutritional level and makes you feel fuller longer. It’s all natural, sprouted live, has no sugar or dairy and is vegan! Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s certified organic too! What a joke! Have you seen anything better? Wait until you check out the BCAAs and other metabolic herbs.

If you want more information on these essentials, or want a little discount when ordering, email the team at shinebrighter@amazonia.com and mention Real Fit Food by Andi Lew.