Raising Healthy Humans
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Raising Healthy Humans

Raising Healthy Humans


It’s a task to look after yourself and add to this a child, well wow! I get it. I’ve got you!

Oh gosh, where did my baby go? Time is flying isn’t it?

Most of you will know that I’m a mother. I’m a single parent and my life, like other mothers, is dedicated to parenting. Out of all the jobs I’ve ever had, being Beaudy’s Mum has always been the one I cherish the most.

As a certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, I’m consciously educating my child on nutrition. So many people ask me how do I encourage my tween to stay clear of junk foods? It’s easy. It’s all in the education and conversations. I’ve been talking to him about what real food is and what’s the process behind processed food ever since he could eat solids.

Obviously full term breastfeeding is best. They slowly and gently get used to all foods through your breast milk and then because it takes two weeks for a baby to develop the enzymes to digest a new food group, baby led feeding and weaning is best. Let them feed themselves and let it go everywhere because what lands up in their mouths is what they’re ready to handle. They’ll always usually want to wash it down with breastfeeding to make up for the nutrients they lacked that day but giving your child this start in life will prime their immune system.

Once you wean, or if you can’t breastfeed, it’s best to opt out of cow’s dairy. The casein (protein) is too big for the human gut to digest. This is why lots of babies can’t handle dairy and will land up with allergies, constipation or other health challenges as a result.

I was a massive fan of oat milk or rice milk before it became popular. As my son started growing into a young man, I soon learned that tweens are ALWAYS HUNGRY! I can’t believe how much this guy can eat and how fast he grows.

I also noticed a dairy intolerance which showed up for him in the form of white bumps that looked like pimples on his arms. We eat too much cow anyway, as a western society. It’s in the form of beef, dairy milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter and ice creams and the list goes on.

It’s so important to have a varied diet and stick to plant based nutrition where possible.

There’s a misunderstanding about where we get protein from. Did you know that plants contain protein too? Yeah, sure it’s less than animal products but it’s more bio available and yes, sure you need to eat a lot but isn’t that a good thing? We then increase our fibre and alkalinity.

Greens create an alkaline environment and cancer can’t live in an alkaline body.

There’s no better feeling than educating my son about how to fuel himself well. He is very aware that he has never been sick in his life (yes, really!) because of the wellness lifestyle we have led. This included full term breastfeeding, chiropractic care since birth to align the spine and remove nervous system interference and quality nutrition as well as limited tech time. He has also never had medication in his life. Using drugs destroy our gut health and blocks micro nutrition absorption.

Health happens by choice, not by chance. It’s the choices you make today that will affect your life tomorrow.

Now that I see he’s growing into a young man, I want him to be able to fix himself a snack, make a meal and learn how to look after himself when he leaves home one day. As parents, we are raising healthy humans daily. Children learn from seeing, not saying. It’s the old saying “Monkey see, Monkey do!”

Because I lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s easy for my kid to emulate. Since the pandemic hit, life hasn’t been easy for any of us. It’s so often that I’ll have finished washing up after dinner and he will say “Mum, I’m still hungry!”

That’s why it’s super important to be prepared with easy ways to fuel him. I’ve been enjoying the Healthy Roo Chocolate Mocha vegan protein powder for an after school or sports session treat. It’s non GMO and has no added artificial sweeteners. The protein comes form organic pea and brown rice isolate and guess what? If you add it with a frozen banana and put it in a blender, it’s like a creamy chocolate thick shake!

It has essential amino acids and it is gluten free too.

Keep your kids active. Limit tech time. Create a daily activity that you can participate in with them too.

People often ask me what’s the best form of exercise to do. I often say it’s the one you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy the inspiration and knowledge that comes from this story that feels like a privilege to share.

Let me know if I can help you or your family with wellness coaching too.

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In optimal health

Andi Lew