#instalovers - Audible Book
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#instalovers – Audible Book

AU $24.95

#instalovers – Digital Dating, DM Disasters and Love Stories is a modern look at how we now court and connect on line. Author Andi Lew is a wellness and dating expert. She’s travelled all over America and Australia appearing on TV shows with this book and shares how she researched dating apps and other social media platforms for four years to help guide you to better navigate your way through modern dating. It’s insightful, hilarious, provides hope and builds confidence for singles or couples who want to keep their flirt game strong.

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What these readers have to say: Astrologer Natasha Weber and customer Leroy Cox both share their testimonials. Andi’s narration in this 7th title of hers is brilliant. She’s warm and fun and a professional voice over artist / presenter.