Lose weight by shopping
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Lose weight by shopping

Lose weight by shopping


Did you hear that right? Hells to the yeah! Give me a “H”! Give me an “O” and give me a “W”! What does it spell? Healthy shopping!

As part of the new look website, we are celebrating by offering my personal food shopping expertise as a new service!

Every student at the cooking school is keen to learn where to get healthier alternatives to certain foods and of course looking for the best prices. So I’m now spending half a day with clients, once a week where I come to your home, look through your fridge and cupboard, trash your bad stuff and get you filled up with the good stuff! You’ll learn what to buy, where, and you’ll even get freebies, samples and discounts on foods that will get you shredded, saving you, in the long run: time and money!

Booking out fast. Tuesday afternoon and Friday noon available. Other days available on request. $325.00 gets me in your kitchen. Email andi_lew@yahoo.com