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So many ask me lately how I manage to stay looking so young at the age of 43.
Whilst haven’t resorted to botox, yet, and I do not judge those who have used it, I just love teaching you how you can slow ageing naturally. What I do actually works.
I am testament.

1. For years now I have limited toxins.
They’re found in personal hygiene products and know as SLS which a foaming agent or Parabens which is like a glue. I have written all about this in my very first book – 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You, which is available on my website
I just love using Botani skin care because they have no toxins and are carcinogen free with natural, organic and active ingredients like olive squalene which is what you9r skin produces and you lose it from your mid twenties, but you can nourish and hydrate with Botani and replace the squalene stores.

2. Eliminate toxicity in food. Eat as close to nature as possible and organic where possible. Include minerals and anti-oxidants in super foods. I love using a capful a day of Oxymax which is 84 trace minerals in ionically activated water.

3. Never use drugs and only use medication in case of an emergency. There are always natural alternatives.

4. Make sure your assimilation of nutrition is working well. Do this through gut health and nerve system health, so see a chiropractor regularly because they’re trained in detecting and removing nerve system interferences so you will have a healthier signal from brain to body.

5. Get more connected to yourself, nature and your community. I write about this in my latest book – Wellness Loading – disconnect to reconnect.

Here is an excerpt from the digital detox book. If you are inspired, download the whole e-book on line or grab a printed copy so you can use the Wellness Loading Journal.

Superfoods & foods rich in antioxidants help fight free radicals which cause ageing.
Over the past few decades, extensive research has been carried out about how the oxidative stress process leads to disease and inflammation. Oxidation is thought to be increased by stressors such as chemicals in food, drugs, alcohol, pollution and other chemical toxicities.
But our bodies have the natural ability to combat free radical defences. Antioxidants are one way to slow the process of ageing and increase general wellness.

Cleansing and detoxing is a perfect way to boost detoxification systems, flush out toxins, hydrate cells, boost immunity and of course, nourish your body with super nutrition.
Start by removing nerve system stimulants like caffeine, or alcohol and drugs, smoking or even passive smoking or other toxins and start consuming more nutrient dense foods, like Superfoods that are plant derived.

At the very least, eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and other plant foods which will be a great form of detoxing your body.
Most whole foods will have some sort of compound that will act as an antioxidant or work to support one.

Anti-oxidant rich foods otherwise known as Superfoods include:

-orange or yellow whole foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, rockmelon and capsicums
-dark coloured fruits like berries, cherries, prunes and dates
-bioflavonoids found in vegetables and dark berries
-buckwheat and soba noodles made from buckwheat
-garlic and onions
-citrus fruits
-broccoli, cauliflower and Brussell sprouts (cruciferous vegetables) may be useful in cancer prevention.
-edamame and legumes
-miso and green tea
-oily fish that are high in EFAs – essential fatty acids, mackerel, sardines and Atlantic Salmon.
-plant based good fat foods like nuts and seeds, tahini (made from crushed sesame seeds), avocados and flaxseed oils or coconut oil
-herbs, especially turmeric which is a great natural anti-infammatory.

Some foods give you more bang for your buck, but variety of nutrition is always key.
Some foods may contain higher levels of vitamins than others. For example, Red capsicum contains 3 times the amount of vitamin C (170mg) than an orange (52mg) and guava fruit even more – (240mg)

The extra bonus is that eating these whole foods rich in anti-oxidants may do just as much for your mind, because of the principles behind veganism, or plant eating, which are about –

Eating Consciously
and Compassionately
I prefer to call the movement of eating more plants and less processed foods; MINDFUL EATING.

Being mindful with your food choices will help you get connected again to yourself and nature.

The largest benefit and the entire point of eating more plants is about awareness.
It’s about realizing where our food comes from, what it takes to get it to our plate, and how animal food production impacts other creatures and our environment. It’s also awareness about how foods certain feel in our bodies, influence our mood and even create kindness towards others.
Though a plant-based diet isn’t a magic cure against normal emotions like anger and depression, many people do testify they feel much better and more positive once embracing plants. It gives you a different outlook towards the world around you.

Andi Lew’s 20 mindful food recipes are:
– nutrient dense
– full of superfoods and antioxidants
– plant based
to load you up on wellness!