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WELLNESS LOADING – Disconnect to Reconnect
A Digital Detox
By Andi Lew

Are you addicted to your digital device? Best-selling health author and certified wellness coach; Andi Lew is the first to admit she is, which is what inspired her 6th book, WELLNESS LOADING – Disconnect to Reconnect.

After a successful U.S press tour in 2015 with her book Real Fit Food, where Lew appeared on the daytime TV show circuit presenting the process behind processed food, Andi observed another pressing health issue with technology. The irony of what actually connects us, is also disconnecting us.

This book helps you to ‘turn off tech’ for a chosen period of time and reconnect with yourself, nature and your community, to create abundance and balance. Rather than going cold turkey with your digital detox, the timeyou choose to disconnect can be spent creating delicious mindful food recipes showcased in this book or producing inspiring acts of service. Your valuable ‘digital detox’ time out, will help you to go back to your digital media with more purpose and productivity.

CEO of Web Marketing Experts, WME’s Nick Bell says, “Andi’s latest book is crucial for this digital era, creating connectedness, consciously.”

Eating as close to nature as possible with understanding superfood nutrition and hydrating with Alkalized water that gives back to our community are some chapters creating more compassion.

Understanding your soul’s purpose and finding your “why” are skills taught in the book, which is what Lew excels in teaching, as a certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach.

“My journey writing WELLNESS LOADING was somewhat serendipitous after a series of divine synchronistic timings, when I set intentions to join someone on a wellness crusade and the next day received an email from fellow San Diegan wellness coach and philanthropist Mike Sherbakov. He contacted me asking to collaborate after we had been following each other on Instagram. I was welcomed into the wellness mecca of San Diego where I witnessed sustainable living with modern day communes, and conscious acts of kindness. I felt compelled to pay it forward”, explains Lew.

Andi Lew is a certified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, renowned Australian TV Presenter and author of five health titles including the three international best sellers, Eat Fat Be ThinEat Fat Be Lean and Real Fit Food. She is highly sought after on the daytime TV shows circuit in both America and Australia for her expert advice on wellness and nutrition. She has presented on shows such as 60 Minutes, Good Day DC in Washington DC, Mornings & The Today Show.  Andi has also written for magazines such as Clean Eating & Australian Natural Health. She’s the food and fitness coach for Miss Universe and Miss World pageant contestants and runs a cooking school in Melbourne.

WELLNESS LOADING – Disconnect to Reconnect will be available in bookstores across Australia late April, 2016

145 pages

E-book is available via Amazon internationally or on www.andilew.com

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Disconnect to Reconnect

– a digital detox –
By Andi Lew

The Ultimate Wellness Detox, has you learning how to TURN OFF TECH and connect with nature, the community and yourself, to become more productive and balanced.

Embark on a digital detox journey with award winning author, Andi Lew in her latest health guide; the ultimate wellness detox.

Learn what you can do daily, so that you aren’t so addicted to your device.

Enjoy the journal to help you set intentions and 20 MINDFUL FOOD RECIPES!

Andi Lew is a renowned TV presenter, Certified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and best selling author of Eat Fat, Be Thin and Eat Fat Be Lean series.

She recently returned from a U.S Press tour with 5th book Real Fit Food and plans to do the same with this 6th title.

145 pages
E-book $16.95