WELL, WELL, WELL…. Wellness Loading launched!

It was a balmy evening at Dymocks Bookstore in Chapel St Prahran where we launched the 6th book – Wellness Loading, Disconnect to Reconnect.
Around 80 guests gathered to celebrate and listen to the message about reconnecting with ourselves, nature and most importantly our community.
CH10 TV presenter; Rhys Ulrich introduced Andi and (Andi Do, not Andi Lew) explained that she just keeps getting it done.
Lew supported bookstores, and all they represent in connecting community. Since the invent of e-books, they have become a dying trade, and Lew, a self published author believes heavily in store trade.
The weekend before Mothers Day saw guests take home gifts with their purchase of our partners from Botani skincare, Jomeis fine foods, Whole Live Nutrients, Powersuperfoods and they enjoyed Cocofrio Icecream.
The digital detox book is available in bookstores across Australia and on this website!