Andi Lew is a regular TV Presenter on national TV shows and has recently appeared on CH7’s The Morning Show, The Daily Edition, CH9’s The Today Show, Mornings and 60 Minutes and is approached by producers to talk on topics such as natural parenting, health, diet and lifestyle related topics.
She is a certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach and has a knack for presenting educational information in an entertaining way.




The Good Guys TVC


GOOD DAY DC TV appearance on FOX5


San Diego Living



Melbourne Woman

Melbourne Woman screened every Saturday at 5pm for 2 and a half 13 week seasons in 2005.
A magazine style program with segments on health, fashion, Real Estate and lifestyle attracted not only Women but a following of all demographics eager to learn what’s hot around Melbourne. A sassy show with sexy, savvy hosts; Andi Lew brought personal style to the Shopping For Love, Domain and City Scene segments.
Reporting on Real Estate with the Domain segment made MW a unique program offering advice on property and the next boom suburbs!

With Melbourne being voted as the 2nd most liveable city in the world, MW brings glamour, culture and excitment to the small screens. Sponsors of MW which made it a success were: The Age newspaper, Renault, QV and Loreal.


Shopping for Love

Australia’s Newsest Dating Game show, Andi Lew plays cupid as she co-hosts this sexy show with Pete Lazer.As Described by Herald Sun as the “Sleeper hit of the Summer”.two hopeful, single guys have only five minutes each to rummage through a single girl’s home. They must learn as much as possible about the girl; her favourite music, fashions and hobbies. The competition heats up when the guys have just 20 minutes and a $1000 budget to shop for the perfect gifts and win the girl’s heart. The tables are turned when two girls go shopping for the man of their dreams.

Thousands of eager contestants entered for the chance to participate in this fun-filled take on the TV dating game genre. WTFN conceived this new program format; shooting, editing and producing 10 half-hour episodes. These began screening across Australia on the Nine Network in 2005, and continue through 2006. Strong brand support from commercial partners including Virgin Money,, Crown Entertainment Complex, Chadstone Shopping Centre and Renault has already made Shopping For Love a success.



Beyond the Boundary

The gladiators in the Australian Football League spend just a couple of hours a week doing battle at the great sporting arenas around the country, but what goes on in their lives for the rest of the week?

Beyond the Boundary gives fans an entertaining glimpse into the world of AFL stars. Hosted by Christi Malthouse, the show’smix of inspirational stories and larrikin humour engages kids and adults alike.

The segment Andi Lew contributes to: “At Home With”,explores the footy lives of those off the field.

The program also explores life looking at what legends of the football past are doing now. Plus there’s fun and games with Schoolyard Superboot and viewer competitions.

WTFN took over the making of BTB in 2006 from the Melbourne Channel Ten newsroom. With a 25 week run of half-hourepisodes the show, along with its other stable mates, has made WTFN oneof the busiest television production houses in Australia.

Support from Adidas, AFL World, Primus and Schmackos has helped broaden the scope and productionvalues of the program.



Test Drive

Andi Lew appeared on Channel 9’s Test Drive in August 2007 as a special guest reporter test driving the world’s smallest GPS system SUUNTO X9i watch.

Test Drive is WTFN’s latest trail blazing TV series to hit Australian screens. With a strong sense of fun, TD is presented in a slick, dynamic & entertaining format.

The program puts the latest cars, boats, bikes and technology through their paces – so viewers can decide whether to add them to their shopping list. The show’s motto is: “before you buy it, Test Drive it!”

Test Drive is presented by former AFL star Daniel Harford, TV Journalist Alle Brunning, racing driver Peter Hackett, motoring expert Anthony ‘Freddy’ Frederiksen and actor Klara Lisy. The team translate technical jargon into language all consumers can easily understand… and they have a hell of a lot of fun along the way!

The first season of weekly 13 half-hour episodes is currently screening across Australia on the Nine Network.