My new partners; Oxymax, are joining me on my wellness crusade to help your vitality. Their very high level of bio-available oxygen is a solution of ionically activated water and Himalayan crystal salt, taining 84 trace minerals.



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The ultimate in wellness skin care for overall health, is my very proud partner, Botani. The very active and carefully combined ingredients mean you get quality products without carcinogens!
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Joimes Fine Foods – their latest addition in organic balsamic vinegar! A must in the kitchen! www.jomeisfinefoods.com.au imageimage www.zazenalkalinewater.com.au The ultimate wellness need! Drink Alkalized water all day, every day. Enter realfitfood as the product code upon checkout to get $50 off your water filter! imageimageimageimage     image image http://youtu.be/44We906yh1U