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Andi Lew

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  • OUT NOW & in book stores across Australia January 1, 2019

    The latest way to create love is here!

    Via an app, is how we now court and connect, flirt and find love. But first... ‘self love’ is how you get your power back, before you decide to slide into someone’s DM!

    Best selling author Andi Lew launches her 7th book #instalovers – Digital Dating, DM Disasters and Love Stories.

    If you’re loved up or single, you’ll love this!

    You may recognize Andi from when she played Cupid on Australia’s popular dating show; Shopping for Love. As a certified wellness and lifestyle coach, she married her obsession with helping you have more love and connectedness in your life, and partners it with a healthy dose of flirt!

    You’ll learn being on #teamsingle ain’t so bad and hear about her four years of going under cover to research this relevant and timely book!

    There’s ‘love elixir’ style recipes, natural ways to create kissable breath, discover how to ‘weed out the weirdos’ on dating apps, turn texts to dates, and find the sweet spot in self love.

    Josh Metz, marketing director of Tinder wrote the foreword and said, “Not only will Andi teach you how to ‘swipe right for more than one night’,

    but she also teaches you how to be a better version of yourself!”

  • The Ultimate Digital Detox Guide!

    **LIMITED OFFER  - ALL PURCHASE RECEIVE FREE REAL FIT FOOD EBOOK** Embark on a digital detox journey with Australian best-selling author, Andi Lew, with her latest health guide and ultimate wellness detox. Wellness Loading: Disconnect to Reconnect shows you how to TURN OFF TECH and 'wellness load' to create work/life balance and optimal health. Most importantly, you will learn how to reconnect with yourself and your community. You don’t need to go ‘cold turkey’. This book shows you how to have conscious periods of connectedness and become mindful in your scrolling activity, instead of mindless.
  • Andi Lew & Dr Natalie Kringoudis

    Following the success of their first collaboration with Eat Fat, Be Thin, the readers and fans wanted more and this time they asked for savoury and paleo inspired recipes! Authors of Eat Fat, Be Lean, Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist Dr Natalie Kringoudis and director of wellness centres, health writer, TV presenter and author of 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You and The Modern Day Mother Andi Lew, explain why eating fat and protein helps makes you lean! “Eating fat doesn’t make you fat. It’s sugar that makes you fat.” “If low-fat worked, we’d all be thin, right? But we are not!” the girls explain. Eat Fat, Be Lean includes 30 new recipes which are wheat free, gluten free, cow's dairy-free, paleo, protein rich and includes new information. Their easy to understand approach and scientific know-how will give you light bulb moments and have you laughing all the way to the fridge.

    This fabulous fitness book on feasting came as a result of the success of the books Eat Fat Be Thin and Eat Fat Be Lean co-authored with the wonderful Dr Natalie Kringoudis. Since the success of those books that created a 'fat food movement', you became hungry for more information on exercise and fitness and I saw a demand for fast and easy cooking! You also saw me take my training to another level and achieve new fitness goals with limited time to train. I'm honouring your need to be fed the secrets.
  • Prevention is the cure

    This is a step by step guide designed to help you change the way that you currently manage your health care. Discover the paradigm shift between sick care : the allopathic model, and wellness, which is the preventative model. This book gives 7 key things your doctor may have forgotten to tell you that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to achieve optimal health.   A scientifically based approach to manifest wellness. You no longer have to ‘wait till it’s broke to fix it’. 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You is an invaluable chiropractic tool, explaining the benefits of chiropractic care and how to find a good practitioner.  Learn why we are discovering dairy alternatives and how to read backs of food packages to avoid additives and what carcinogenic ingredients are in personal hygiene products.
  • Yes you can eat fat and be thin.

    Since the 80s we’ve been told that reducing the amount of fat we eat is the key to losing weight, managing cholesterol and preventing health problems. We were wrong. News Flash! Good fats help you lose weight. Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist Dr. Natalie Kringoudis, and wellness centre owner, health writer, TV presenter and author of 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You and The Modern Day Mother; Andi Lew explain why eating fat doesn’t make you fat.
  • "Andi presents Attachment Parenting in an easy-to-understand way"

    Discover how you can parent naturally and gently without crying methods. Conflicting advice, information and criticism can make a new parent feel inadequate, lost and overwhelmed. Certified infant massage instructor, health writer, TV presenter, qualified chiropractic assistant and co-author of 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You, Andi Lew, shares how she learnt to trust her instincts and take a natural approach to parenting that will help you feel empowered and enhance your baby’s development.

    The coaching combines knowledge of nutrition, psychology, self-management, economics and your own intuition in order to improve your quality of life by addressing numerous different areas. Andi has been promotion healthy, natural living for her whole life, and takes a holistic approach to health coaching in Australia. She continually finds new ways to promote wholesome living, and offers a variety of services including healthy cooking classes, dating coaching and personal shopping.   Click description for more info
  • Popular recipe from Andi's books create a demand in cafes!

    Lemon Amazeballs - GF. DF. Vegan
    Cacao Amazeballs - DF. Vegan

    70% organic ingredients
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