HELLO Lover! Amazebars are coming!


You’ve been devouring my books and balls for about 2 years now, so it seemed only an organic next step to give you a ready made healthy snack bar!
(Yes, I do love a pun! Haha!)
The Amazeballs and Lemon Protein Bombs have been your favourite recipes, but you don’t always have the time to make them, so I have made them for you!
Gluten, wheat and dairy free, nothing artificial, raw, real food, high in protein and good fats, natural sugar from real food only and made proudly in Australia from design, production, manufacturing and labelling, mean that the bars tick all the boxes!
They’ll be on shelves soon, but prior to the launch, I’m giving them away with the purchase of the Real Fit Food book! Order on line here and we will get it to you soon!
Wholesale orders are also accepted.
Email info@andilew.com for details on minimum orders for your place!