Fructose Free Treats

Who said you can’t ‘have your cake and eat it too’? At our cooking school, we like to cook dairy free and sugar free desserts, but this week we went a step further and made chocolate brownies that are also fructose free for a student that had a fructose intolerance!

For that 3pm chocolate hit, instead of going to the junk food machines, get these raw treats made in in the fridge for your daily snack that not only gives you the chocolate buzz you feel like, but also gets you shredded! How? Eat Fat! Good fat of course.

We used organic cold pressed coconut oil and Power Superfoods Cacao from and boy is it decadent! Here’s a pic of the yummy things that landed up in our tums before they ended up in that cool box! If you have any food intolerance, or allergies; there’s an alternative for everything. You do not have to miss out ever! Just join us and learn how.