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Disconnect to Reconnect

A Digital Detox
By Andi Lew

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Available in book stores across Australia end of April, 2016.
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This ultimate wellness detox has you learning how to TURN OFF TECH & connect with yourself to become more productive and balanced. More than just nutrition and fitness; true wellness is about disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with yourself, our earth and your community.
Embark on a digital detox journey with award winning author Andi Lew in her latest health guide.


Andi Lew is a renowned TV presenter, Certified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and best selling author of Eat Fat, Be Thin and Eat Fat Be Lean series.
She recently returned from a U.S Press tour with 5th book Real Fit Food and plans to do the same with this 6th title mid 2016.

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Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is Andi Lew’s publishing company and the name under which she has published four of her popular books on natural parenting, wellness and nutrition. The ethos of Heart to Heart is publishing informative, positive lifestyle and nutritional e-books and books that inform and inspire people achieve the happy, fulfilling lifestyles they desire.

An accomplished author and regular contributor for Cosmo Pregnancy, Australian Natural Health, and Ultra Fitmagazines, Andi had her first book published in 2008 and since and self-published, releasing four healthy recipe and diet book titles in 24 months! Andi’s nutritional and healthy food books have become runaway hits with everyone from health care advocates to personal trainers and parenting groups.

Real Fit Food – Intelligent Nutrition and Functional Training is Andi’s latest healthy recipe book, and is available in paperback form in bookstores across Australia and New Zealand and as a nutritional e-book around the world via Amazon and Kindle. She just returned from a recent press tour in the U.S where she appeared on several TV shows across the country explaining the process behind processed food and the Real Food Revolution. Her original ‘good fats’ diet books, Eat Fat Be Thin and Eat Fat Be Lean, are best sellers.

Manage a balanced diet with a nutritional e-book

Heart to Heart Publishing is proud to have distribution in stores throughout Australia and international distribution via Amazon, Kindle, Smash-words in e-book form. Each diet book is easy to understand, highly researched and referenced, but written with a light, sometimes ‘tongue in cheek’ style. All of Andi’s health titles focus on real foodand natural lifestyle alternatives and are practical guides for people from every walk of life. So whether you’re a busy new mum looking for a nutritional e-book you can read during naptime, or a university student in need of healthy recipes and good fats to restore balance to your diet, Andi has something to offer you.

The foreword of each volume is written by respected health professionals, endorsing her nutrition, good fats and lifestyle concepts. Lactation Consultant Pinky McKay, attachment parenting guru Dr Bill Sears, Dr John Demartini who contributed on ‘The Secret’ and Dr Damian Kristof from New Zealand’s ‘Downsize Me’ show, all love her work. Get your paperback or e-book copies now and get healthy!

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