Health and Wellness Coach Australia

Some call her a modern day superwoman, as Andi Lew wears many hats. As an established and renowned Melbourne media personality, Lew is an accomplished published author, publisher cook, mother and highly sought after event presenter. Having been educated in a number of natural holistic therapies and fields, she is able to to bring balance to others hectic lives by inspiring them toward optimal health. Through her own life experience she has been fortunate enough to develop the tools required to live a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle, and shares her knowledge through her books, blogs & wellness coaching.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Food, Lifestyle and Wellness coaching is the skill of inspiring you to live your life with purpose and passion. You will develop self efficacy and self confidence, and learn how to create small, achievable goals that leave you able to take control of your own life in with more wellness. It may encompass areas of health like, food & nutrition, cooking and meal preparation, fitness, ergonomics, relationships, sleep, work / life balance and even self love. The skill is hones on an understanding of psychology, economics, management, nutrition and even intuition. As a lifelong advocate for healthy, natural living, Andi takes a holistic approach to wellness coaching.

Andi’s services take a number of forms including dating coaching, a healthy cooking school, and personal shopping services.

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