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Health and Wellness Coaching Empowering You

Some have dubbed Andi Lew a modern day superwoman, as her skills and knowledge seem never-ending. Over the years, Andi has become a respected media personality, renowned TV and event presenter, master of ceremonies, health food expert, proud mother and experienced health coach in Australia. She has been educated in a variety of natural and holistic fields, including shiatsu massage, infant massage, chiropractors assistant — and helps people from all walks of life achieve balance and optimal wellness when keeping up with a modern world schedule. Thanks to extensive life experience and work with leading health professionals, Andi has been able to maintain a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle and feels compelled to share her time sharing knowledge through publishing books, appearing on the speaker circuit and personal coaching services.

What is Wellness Coaching?

The Food, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness coach certification helps people live a life full of passion and purpose. With Andi’s help, you can set incremental, achievable goals with certainty and compassion to create a greater sense of overall wellness. This personal guidance may focus on areas of health such as fitness, relationships, work / life balance, nutrition, cooking and meal preparation, ergonomics, sleep and even self-love or wellness in business. The coaching combines knowledge of nutrition, psychology, self-management, economics and your own intuition in order to improve your quality of life by addressing numerous different areas.

Andi has been promotion healthy, natural living for her whole life, and takes a holistic approach to health coaching in Australia. She continually finds new ways to promote wholesome living, and offers a variety of services including healthy cooking classes, dating coaching and personal shopping.

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